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Konrad Alfaro

Talk on Ciasteczka Dev Meetup #4

PHP, Talk1 min read

A state of PHP in 2020

Is PHP THAT bad? The short answer is the same as the answer given by an excellent Senior Developer facing any problem - it depends! Yes, PHP can still be used as an old scripting language for simple websites and blogs. After over 20 years of development, it still has some of its original drawbacks and bad implementation decisions...


PHP is evolving. And it's doing it fast in recent years. 🚀 Is has come a long way to become a better language that can be found not only in Wordpress core but also in highly scalable projects with sophisticated and complex architecture. But many people even today, in the era of PHP 7.4 (and PHP 8 coming very soon), think that PHP is bad and used only in meaningless projects. As a developer who worked with PHP for many years now, I want to propagate a different point of view.

That's why I decided to give a talk on Ciasteczka Meetup #4 on 12th February 2020 in Łódź. My presentation goal was to persuade my audience that PHP is probably not going to be their next language-of-choice for the next project, but it is now a mature technology that we should not be scared of and can be used as well as i.e. Java (just chnage -> to . and remove $ signs 😉).

The slides from this event are available here:

Enjoy! 🤟